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Vision, Mission & Case Statement

Vision Statement for Plein Air Camp Hill

Our Vision..... "Camp Hill will become known as a center of arts and cultural activities for all ages in the Susquehanna Valley."

Mission Statement for Plein Air Camp Hill

Our Mission..... "To promote artistic and economic efforts that will preserve and enhance the scenic and historic values associated with Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River Valley and its core communities, views and vistas by encouraging painting, photography and education related to our most valuable assets."

Case Statement for Plein Air Camp Hill

"Our children are living messages we send to a time we will not see."

  1. How does Plein Air Camp Hill help people?
    • Provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to interact directly with artists
    • Provides free education and learning opportunities for people of all ages and incomes
    • Promotes Camp Hill as a culturally rich community
    • Promotes local painters, photographers and other artisans (i.e. glass-blowing, pottery, bonsai, stained glass, cartooning, musicians, etc.)

  2. Who does Plein Air Camp Hill help?
    • Regional youth and young adults by showcasing their artwork, exposing them to Plein Air arts and providing free workshops, painting materials, music and art education opportunities
    • Local school students from 11 different school districts
    • Regional art associations and organizations (such as the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters, The 7-Lively Artists, Harrisburg Camera Club, etc.)
    • Local businesses by showcasing their services and their support
    • Local community by improving the quality of life through cultural enrichment and family oriented activities

  3. What vital services do we offer?
    • Provides venues for artists to sell their works of art
    • Local community event that builds community pride and showcases Camp Hill
    • Free youth painting activities at the "Youth Paint Out"
    • Provide free cultural enrichment workshops for all ages
    • Opportunities for public to interact with artists and actually see works of art being created at the "Quick Draw" event

  4. What is our track record?
    • Four (4) years of successful events and created a scholarship fund
    • Raised $420,000+ in donations to support the scholarship fund and sustain the event
    • Engaged over 500 students from 11 regional school districts through the student banner competition each of the first four years
    • Provided music scholarships for students and created a professionally recorded and prepared CD of student music and artwork. The Sounds of Plein Air 2014
    • Sold $68,000+ in artwork
    • Provided 50+ free art education workshops and galleries
    • Accommodated 6,500+ attendees and growing
    • Accommodated 182 participating painters and photographers in order to showcase their current works
    • Educated the public on Plein Air painting
    • Free Youth Paint Out event with 500+ participants to date (provided free canvases, paint, brushes and instruction)
    • Created photography "Quick-Shoot Event", the only one of its kind in the country

  5. What are our plans for the future?
    • To build upon our successes and expand the event to a full week of activities
    • To grow our endowments for the scholarship fund and provide life-long learning opportunities
    • To provide year round educational “salons” and workshops free to the public
    • Add sidewalk painting to event
    • To create a sustainable event at a national level attracting artists and tourists from around the country

  6. How do we use our money?
    • Support an arts scholarship fund to provide learning opportunities at no cost to participants
    • Funds raised support the free music, workshops for all ages, art supplies for youth, and gallery exhibits
    • Funds support the creation of promotional activities and literature related to the advertising of the event

  7. Why do we deserve support?
    • This is the only Plein Air event in the Central Pennsylvania region that provides free activities (painting, music, demonstrations and workshops) for all ages and for youth focused cultural enrichment
    • We have been fiscally sound and are good stewards of all funds donated to the event
    • The event brings favorable family focused activities to our community
    • The event brings tourists to the Susquehanna Valley region.

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